A Lake Monster in Minnesota!

25 May

by Brianne Bilyeu aka biodork

We love our lake monsters, don’t we? Everyone is familiar with Nessie, but here are a few you might not know:

Brosno Dragon – Lake Brosno, West Russia. Said to resemble a dragon or dinosaur, with potential sightings going back to the 13th century.

Lagarfljóts Worm – Lagarfljót, Iceland. Otherwise known as the Iceland Worm Monster. Walks on land and swims in the water, spits poison. Mean beastie, but that may be because it was thrown in a cold lake when it was just a baby monster.

Morag – Loch Morar, Scotland. Nessie may be Scotland’s best known monster, but it certainly isn’t the country’s sole lake cryptid. Catching sight of Morag’s undulating humps are considered a bad omen. Hmmm…just like my dancing. No good ever comes from my dancing.

Josh – Lake Ray Hubbard, Texas, United States. Yes, it’s name is Josh. Because when I see a long-extinct, gargantuan, predatory bony fish, my first thought will be “I think he looks like a ‘Josh’, doesn’t he?”

And we have at least one of our own lake monsters here in Minnesota! Although with 10,000 lakes who’s surprised, really?

Pepie – Lake Pepin, Lake City, MN. According to those who claim to have seen Pepie, it looks just like Nessie and may even be a relative! The native Dakota people were wary of it’s ability to puncture their canoes, but local mythology says Pepie is shy, gentle and playful. Look – here’s a drawing of the creature from first-person accounts:

But wait – there may be a newly-discovered lake creature in Minnesota! I was hiking out at the Wood Lake Park Reserve in Richfield, MN last week, and I was crossing over the marsh when I spotted this beast! It had blood red eyes, teeth glistening with venom and it chomped down whole mallards in one gulp! It disappeared back into the depths before I could show anybody else, but I did manage to snap a photo of the monster – incontrovertible evidence!

Anyone want to take a guess at the true identity of the Wood Lake lake monster? Anybody but Craig M. I know that Craig knows what this is, and now he knows that I know, so we both know that he can’t say what he knows.

You know?


Several people guessed “beaver” on the MN Skeptics facebook page and in the comments below. The hideous beast is actually a muskrat, which looks pretty similar to a beaver even when the photo isn’t blurry. So good job, you skeptics! Here’s a better picture of the cutie…errrr…the terrifying lake monster:

3 Responses to “A Lake Monster in Minnesota!”

  1. Mully410 at 10:32 pm #

    🙂 I do know…you must by psychic.

  2. JenV at 10:35 pm #

    ‘Tis a beaver. A bloody frightening one, to be sure!!!


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    […] To read the rest of this piece – including my own real-life lake monster sighting in Richfield, MN with a picture! – please visit the full article at Minnesota Skeptics’ Blog. […]

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