Photos: Minnesota Skeptics Meetup Group!

2 Jun

I thought I’d post some pics of our lovely skeptics at some of our lovely MN Skeptic’s Meetups. [almost] All photos were taken by our resident awesome photographer, Craig Mullenbach.

That’s Jessie, Todd[‘s reflection], and Travis being sugary-sweet, as always.

Todd, giving an impromptu lecture to his one audience member, Casey. Who’s obviously enthralled and apparently genuflecting.

Another group shot of Drinking Skeptically. Seen here: Jessie & Jack imitating the pearl-clutching & pouty behavior creationists are known to exhibit. Jack is also the head of Minnesota Atheists Meetup Group, but he knows where the cool kids r at. 😉  (j/k guys)

We like to talk with our hands a lot.

That chick in the purple: Lead Organizer. (thinks she’s the shiznit)

Halloween 2010 Drinking Skepchickally.
Carrie, Brianne, myself, Erica (eh..boys don’t count)
I LOVED Erica’s costume by the way. She was a ghost hunter. Can you see the little ghost she has rigged up to the back of her costume? That’s so every time she turned her head, she – like the actual ghost hunters – could never quite catch one in her sight.

Nate, Jim, & Jessie. Nate’s demonstrating to Jessie how he does the Vulcan neck-pinch. He also used to be Ray Kurzweil’s roommate at MIT. Show-off.

This one’s my favorite because I took it and it turned out perfect. 😛 You can even see the JREF logo on Travis’ shirt.
Hey, if your going to advertise your stupid woo on your car, don’t park near a skeptics’ meetup.


Many more photos on our meetup site: Become a member. It’s free!

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