So I’m A Closet Athe-rghhh…Closet Athei-spprrrgghhhhhh. Fuck It. Non-Believer.

4 Jun
Melissa Lee (a.k.a. LilaMae)

by Melissa Lee (a.k.a. LilaMae)

I haven’t told my mother I’m a non-believer. It’s not because I’m afraid to (like I am to use the ‘A’ word – that’s just a weird quirk I’m happy to take shit for), it’s because my mother absolutely believes that if I were a “A”, I would spend eternity in hell. I know how distressing of a thought that would be to her. To say she would be devastated is an understatement.

She will never change her mind about her religious faith. Of this I am certain. Neither will the many other devout Catholics in my family. They’re too deeply entrenched. (and breed like friggin bunnies! …but that’s neither here nor there.)

So I don’t tell her because I don’t want to hurt her.  People have argued against this choice and I understand their reasons. But I still stand by my choice 100%. I think because in the end it is not about principles or integrity or whatever…it’s not about me. I love my mom and the bottom line is I will not do something I know will hurt her. That trumps everything and always will.

I can’t even tell her I hang around Atheists, she’s too afraid I’d catch it.

Hey, there I did it! Sort of.

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