Homeopathic Haiku

10 Jun

by Benjamen Johnson

Driving home from Drinking Skeptically, a brilliant thought hit me — Skeptical Haiku. A five syllable word like homeopathy is just made for Haiku. Like many good ideas, a few people have already beat me to the punch. Skeptical Haiku or @Skaiku on Twitter posts skeptical Haiku poems and only skeptical Haiku poems and The Perky Skeptic posted several haiku about the common cold.

A little disappointed that it wasn’t an original idea, I started to write a few Haiku anyway. I just couldn’t help myself. I have to admit that I didn’t remember the exact form of a Haiku poem, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. There seemed to be more rules than I remember, so I just limited myself to the  5-7-5  structure.

Here’s a few choice examples:

Can not cure what’s wrong with me
Might as well try magic

I am not savvy
Don’t stick a needle in me
Just give me water

Placebo fool me
If I just believe strongly
Sugar pill cure me

Dilute 30C
Ten to the minus sixty
Not one in the sun
There’s nothing in it

Next, I think I’ll try Limericks:

There once was a homeopath from Nantucket
With a potion so dilute…

Maybe somebody can finish that one for me. 😉

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