Trying to Save a Skeptic is Futile

13 Sep
Ben's Gravatar

by Benjamen Johnson

This last Sunday, my dad and I were taking a walk with my dog when we met a man walking on the opposite side of the road. The man crossed the street and started up an innocuous seeming conversation. Now, people coming up to talk to me when I’m out with my dog isn’t an out-of-the-ordinary occurrence, but I have never had somebody try to convert me in my own neighborhood before. Here’s the conversation as near as I can remember:

Man: “That’s a beautiful dog you have there.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Man: “We just lost our dog last year, he was twelve years old. How old is your dog?”

Me: “10 years old. ”

Man: ” I haven’t seen you walking in this neighborhood before, may I ask where you live?

Me: “I don’t often walk this way, I live over on the corner of York Drive and Penn.”

Man: “Ahh, yes I know where that is. You know when we were searching for a house, the Realtor said that Flying Spaghetti Monster willing we will find you the right house. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but later that simple phrase ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster willing’ lead me to think more about my life…I threw away my bible and my Left Behind book series, I stopped taking the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Name in vain, and I started to become more skeptical about my religion. Eventually I became died-again Christian. Let me give you this pamphlet so you can start down the path of rational thought.”

We took the pamphlets and said we needed to finish our walk. If I had been alone, maybe I would have tried to engage him, to make him see the light, but my dad was only in town for a few days and I didn’t want to waste or time together trying to convert somebody so close minded.

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