Oh No, Ross and Carrie! – A Podcast Review

20 Oct

“This is the first of a series, of the brand new blogpost series…” (Apologies to Mr. Hrab)

So, I like podcasts. I take that back, I LOVE podcasts, especially and specifically skeptical ones. I know I’m not alone, as a lot of people new to skepticism use them like how “gateway drugs” are supposed to work. There’s new ones popping up almost monthly and some that are so under the radar of the true giants of podcasting (SGU, Skepticality, The Skeptic Zone, among others) that I wanted to share some of the finds that take up space in my iPod, in case they might appeal to you.

First up is a relative newcomer on the scene with only 7 episodes up on iTunes: Oh no, Ross and Carrie. Hosts Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy explore claims of the supernatural and pseudoscience by putting their own brains and bodies on the line, trying them out for themselves and reporting back on their experiences through the lens of critical thinking. Since they’re located in woo-soaked Los Angeles, they probably won’t be running out of material anytime soon!

What is really awesome about their show is their approach. They’re not scientists or doctors, so they have a real layperson view that I, being also not a scientist or a doctor, can appreciate. Also, Ross and Carrie have infectious enthusiasm and honest sincerity when it comes to dealing with true believers. They mean no harm in their honest evaluations, always reminding listeners that they are a “sample set of two.”

This show so needs a lot more love, and I feel it is worth your time and attention. Also, if you’re into theme songs (I know I am!), theirs is a short little stick-into-your-brain ditty written and performed by Brian Keith Dalton of the webshow Mr. Deity, yet another show that needs a lot more love.


Average Time Length: 40 – 50 minutes

Kid-Friendly: Teen and older, as there is some swearing

Episode Frequency: Once a month

Website: ohnopodcast.com, www.facebook.com/onrac for extra photos from their investigations.

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