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Local Back-Cracker Makes Autism Claims

26 Jun

by Benjamen Johnson

I was scanning my local Lillie Suburban newspaper this morning to see if there was anything interesting happening in my community — like if any of my neighbors were featured in the police report. I noticed this issue also contained the results from the Reader’s Choice Awards. I usually scan these to see if I’ve heard of the winners and agree with their selection. When reading this selection for Best Chiropractic, I was floored:

At Mounds View Chiropractic, it is our goal to add value to every patient’s life. Our practice is focused on helping patients who suffer from neurological and metabolic disorders. We help patients who suffer from conditions such as whiplash injuries, thyroid disorders, ADHD, autism, neuropathy and many others…[1]*

I see uncritical articles and advertisements about CAM all the time in the newspaper and I’m getting tired of it, but this advertisement disguised as an article really upset me. If somebody wants to go to a chiropractor to make them think they are feeling better that’s one thing, but by including ADHD and autism, in the advertisement, this chiropractic office is targeting children, or at least the gullible parents of children.

Traditional chiropractic doesn’t work — it’s based on pre-scientific ideas[2].  Coupled with the facts that it’s dangerous[3] and they are targeting children, it seems like it should be a crime to me. Since they aren’t claiming to cure anything, only “help,” unfortunately I don’t think there’s any course of action in Minnesota — except to complain on a skeptical blog.

*Okay this wasn’t as bad as the chiropractor in a northern suburb that posted a list of beliefs on their website, one of them being parents who didn’t have their kids adjusted from 6 months of age should have a visit from social services or worse. I really wish I had a screen shot from that site before they took that list down.


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