The Amazing Ghost-Hunting Dog

20 Feb

That’s right! Pixie, an adorable Jack Russell Terrier, is part of the “Ghost Tours of America Research Team”. Her owner claims she has the extraordinary ability to sense ghosts…

This is where the damn video *would* be embedded if WP wasn't being such a pain in the ass. So click it for the link.

…because, as we all know, “dogs can sense paranormal activity”.  How does Pixie pick up on paranormal… perterbances? (Ok I just made that word up for the sake of alliteration) Well, according to her owner, when Pixie senses a ghost she will demonstrate unusual body language or behavior such as:

  • Stopping unexpectedly
  • Sniffing the air
  • Barking
  • Agitation

Hmmm…wow…that’s iron clad. I mean what Jack Russell Terrier would ever possibly display those unusual signs unless paranormal activity was involved?? Come to think of it, my cat senses ghosts, too! Only she does it by running across the floor for no reason and random crotch-grooming.

Watch the whole video for some great examples of confirmation bias. The only thing I was amazed at was how these people are able to convince themselves that this dog’s TOTALLY NORMAL BEHAVIOR is actually some sign of supernatural ability. Wowzers.

One Response to “The Amazing Ghost-Hunting Dog”

  1. skepdik February 23, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    my dog does the same things, its usually gas.

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